By nature, the act of map-making is an assertion of the finite - an attempt to physically embody knowledge of structures and boundaries. Though maps evolve and change with time and history, the fact remains that maps are created with the implicit understanding that the depicted space holds a degree of permanence.

In asking individuals to map familiar places from memory and embroidering the results, I am interested in examining the ways in which associated events can color subsequent perception, and challenging the notion of objectively depicted space. The use of labor-intensive embroidery creates a non-reproducible illustration of a subjective memory, inverting the traditional practice of mass-production associated with conventional maps. Within these maps, I am not only interested in scale and subject, but also in the points where memory fails - the blank spaces, unevenness, and skewed proportions that reflect our own hindsight biases and remembrances.


Make a map of a familiar place from memory on a piece of paper up to 8.5"x8.5". The subject, scope, and context is up to you.

Send scans/images to:

More maps will be uploaded here as they are produced.