Project Statement

An investigation of the implications of the cross-modal experience of synesthesia, or when an experience within one sensory modality elicits a concurrent experience in another unrelated sensory modality. My particular area of interest lies within synesthesia’s symbolic importance as a critical juncture where two disparate realms of knowledge interchange. Within such a juncture, the normal logic of how we receive information from our senses is challenged, exposing the limitations of viewing our senses as independent information-producing systems.

The following explores the cross-modal experience between sound and color, by visually representing Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. One-second clips were selected and assigned to every note within the piece. Arrangement and layering of the four video tracks mimicked the tones, rhythms, and harmonies of the instrumental quartet of the original composition.

This project was made possible by generous funding from the Mary Gates Endowment, the Simpson Center for the Humanities, and the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities.